OneDrive (All Users) - Share a File

This document describes how to share a OneDrive file or folder with "view-only" permissions. The recipient must login with an SIUE or Microsoft email account to view the content.

Set Up a File or Folder with View Only Permissions

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the waffle menu in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  3. Click OneDrive. Navigate to My files if necessary.

    screen shot of waffle menu and OneDrive circled in red

  4. Place a checkmark in front of the file or folder you want to share.
  5. Click the Share button near the top of the screen or to the right of the filename.

    screenshot of both share buttons circled in red
  6. To share with users via email, you can enter the email addresses or the email group in the "To" field and may write a message to the recipients in the "Message..." field. After that, click the Send button.
    send button circled
  7. By default, these users can view the resource but not edit it.
  8. If you need to copy the share link instead of specifying email recipients, click the Copy button near the bottom right of the share window. You can then paste the link wherever you want to share it. By default, any SIUE user with the link can view the shared resource.
    copy circled

Set Up a File or Folder with Edit Permissions


    1.  Log into OneDrive account at

    2. Click the Apps button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

    3. Click OneDrive.

      waffle icon circled as well as onedrive icon

  1. If necessary, create a folder or file by clicking the New button at the top of the screen. 

     button clicked

  2. Place a checkmark in front of the file or folder to share.

  3. Click the Share button at the top of the screen.

    check mark placed  front of folder and share button circled

  4. Notice the default sharing permissions are set to "view" for specific people. "View" must be changed to "edit" in order for others to collaborate in the folder.

    screen shot of send link dialog box with defaults message circled in red

  5. Click the box it says, "People you specify can view".

  6. In the next window, click the radio button next to People in Southern Ill...Edwardsville.

  7. Click the More Settings area and change to Can Edit

    Screenshot of Copy Link dialog box with People in Souther Ill...Edwardsville selected and can edit selected. Apply button circled in red.

  8. Click Apply

Sharing Option 1: a Link

  1. With the Edit permissions set, click Copy in the Share window. 

    copy link circled

  2. The link generates. Click Copy

    copy button circled

  3. Paste the hyperlink into a Blackboard announcement, email, etc. to share invitees.

Sharing Option 2: an Invitation and Personal Message

  1. In the Share window, type the address(es) of the invitee(s). Type an optional message.

  2. Click Send

     and message filled    button circled

  3. Once share the file or folder, invitees have the ability to view and edit them. Collaborators the document as are editing. 

  4. To share external users (without an address), manually enter the address after changing the default sharing options to People you choose.  


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