Blackboard (Faculty) - Accessibility/Ally: Add Headings in Blackboard's Text Editor

This document provides an overview of how to add headings in Blackboard's text editor. Headings separate a document into sections and makes the content navigable by screen readers. Students with low or no vision rely on screen readers to interpret on-screen text, so it is important to add headings to your documents.
  1. Type or paste your text into Blackboard text editor.

  2. Identify the major sections of your text. For example, content describing course requirements might be broken into these sections: Course Requirements (main heading), Assignments (sub heading), Final Exam (sub heading).

  3. Highlight the text you want to make a main heading.

  4. Choose Heading from the Paragraph drop-down menu.

    apply heading

  5. Go to the next section of your text. If it is a subsection, highlight the text and choose Sub Heading 1 from the Paragraph drop-down menu.

    apply heading 1

  6. Keep highlighting and applying format styles to the sections of your text. If further subsections exist, select Sub Heading 2 from the list. For new main sections, choose Heading. Continue to apply Headings and Sub Headings as needed. 

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