Blackboard (Faculty) - Pearson: Set Up Assignments

This article provides an overview of how to set up assignments from Pearson in a Blackboard course.

As a reminder, ITS can assist you with adding a Pearson connection in Blackboard, but they cannot fully support the tool's functionality. For Pearson support, please visit

  1. Add an Access Pearson link to the navigation menu or within a content area. Follow these instructions to add the link to the navigation menu. See the steps in this KnowledgeBase article to add a link to a content area. This will link your Pearson course with your Blackboard course. This link will take students into Pearson, but not a specific assignment. If you want grades to sync with the grade center, you must set up assignments with deep linking.

  2. Ensure you have added a link either in the navigation menu or in a content area (Step 1).

  3. Click the Access Pearson link you just created. 
  4. Some of these steps may not be necessary if you have already linked your account to Blackboard.

    1. If prompted, select Open Pearson.
    2. Agree to any authorization requests.
    3. Select Get Started to link your accounts.
    4. Enter the username and password from your existing Pearson instructor account and click Link accounts. if you don't have an account, click Create an account and follow the prompts. You can only link one LMS account to one Pearson account.
    5. Click Continue.
    6. Click Get Started on the Pearson Home page to pair your courses.

Set Up Assignments for Deep Linking

  1. Navigate to a content area such as Coursework or a weekly folder.

  2. Hover over the Build Content menu and click Access Pearson (Deep Linking Tool).
  3. From the Add links from list, choose whether to see assignments, course tools, or eText. Then scroll to see all the links or search for a specific link. Choose a column heading to sort.

    Screenshot of Assignments list from Pearson with the option to check all that should be added to the Blackboard course page

  4. Select one or more links from and repeat for any option in Add links from.
  5. Click Add links at the bottom of the page.

    You'll see the new links in your content area. Delete any characters you don't expect in the headings of your links. Click a link and then Open Pearson to open the link in a new browser tab or window.

    Screenshot of the assignments from Pearson listed in Blackboard

See the Pearson instructions for further instructions regarding syncing grades and getting students started.

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