Blackboard (Faculty) - Rubrics: Grade with a Rubric

This document provides an overview of grading with a rubric.

Grading an Assignment Using a Rubric

  1. From the Grade Center, access the student's assignment attempt.

  2. From the Assignment Details panel, click on the arrow in the Attempt box.

    Grade using a Rubric

  3. Click on the title of the rubric to open it.

    Click on title of the rubric to open it.

  4. If you want to see the description of the criteria, check the "Show Description" box. If you want to provide feedback for each criteria, check the "Show Feedback" box.

    Show Descriptions and Show Feedback boxes

  5. As you review each criteria, click the radio button to select the value.

    Select radio button for criteria

  6. If you feel that the score generated by the rubric should be adjusted (higher or lower) change the Raw Total score at the bottom of the rubric to the appropriate score.

  7. Add any feedback to the student in the box.

  8. Click the Save Rubric button.
For more information about grading with a rubric, see the video: Grade Using a Rubric. This video show how to grade a discussion post, however, the Grading Panel is the same for every assessment using a rubric.

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