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This document provides an overview of advanced rules for adaptive release.

Advanced Adaptive Release uses the same criteria as Basic Adaptive Release. Advanced Adaptive Release uses more sophisticated combinations of release rules that can be created by adding multiple rules with multiple criteria to a single content item. Users must met all of the criteria of one of the rules to gain access.

Caution: The more rule added will narrow down the availability even greater.

  1. From the drop down menu of an item, test, assignment, etc. click on Adaptive Release: Advanced.

    adaptive release advanced

  2. Click on Create Rule button.

  3. Name the rule. The name should reflect the criteria, for example "Assignment 3."

  4. Click Submit.

  5. From the Create Criteria menu, click on the criteria or click on Review Status.

The following example is an Advance Adaptive Release set on a quiz. The students must review 3 items before the quiz is open to them.

  1. From the Adaptive Release: Advanced page, click the Create Rule button.

  2. Name the Rule.

  3. From the Manage Criteria page, click Review Status button.

  4. Browse and select the one of the files that the students will review.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each file the student will review. Your Manage Criteria page will look like this:

Create rules

Students will see the three items to be reviewed:

Three items to be reviewed

Once the student has clicked all three items, the quiz will appear:

Adaptive Release opens quiz

In this quiz example, students have to manually click the "Marked Review" button. It is not automatically triggered when a student opens a file or clicks on a link. Also, by clicking the "Marked Review" button does not guarantee that the students have read or watched the file or video associated with the link.

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