Zoom: Test and Troubleshoot Audio (Faculty & Students)

This document provides an overview of how to test audio in Zoom. The screenshots in this article may not look exactly like the version of Zoom you are running; if not, try updating Zoom on your computer.

Testing Audio

  1. Open a Zoom meeting.
  2. A pop-up may appear asking you to Join Audio Conference by Computer. If you do not see this pop-up right away, look in the lower-left corner of your Zoom toolbar. Click the upward arrow next to the Mute button and choose Audio Options.

  3. Click Test Mic and Speakers.

  4. On the next screen, click Test Mic. Record yourself talking at a normal volume and play it back. See the troubleshooting tips below if the audio sounds muffled or if you cannot hear yourself talking.

Audio Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you cannot hear audio at all during the test:
    1. Make sure your speakers are on/not muted. To do this, you can use the Test Speaker button in Zoom (pictured above) or look for your computer's audio controls.
    2. Make sure the correct microphone is selected in Zoom. You can select a different microphone in the dropdown menu next to the Test Mic button (pictured above). If you do not see a microphone listed, this means your computer does not have an internal microphone. You will need to plug in an external microphone/headset or use the Phone Call option. 

  2. If your audio sounds muffled or distorted:
    1. Try using a different microphone (ex: a headset). 
    2. If you do not have another mic, use the Phone Call option. 


  1. If you use the Computer Audio option, that means Zoom is relying on your internet connection to transmit audio. If your internet connection is not good, your audio will not be good. To fix this problem, you can either use the Phone Call option or try plugging your Ethernet cable directly into your computer (rather than into the wireless router).

  2. You can change your audio options anytime, even while a session is ongoing. For example, if your internet connection becomes weak and you need to call in instead of using your computer's mic and speakers, click the upward arrow next to the Mute button and choose Audio Options. You will then have the option to join your audio with a Phone Call

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