Poll Everywhere (Faculty) - Clear Poll Responses and View Results

This article describes how to run a report in Poll Everywhere. Reports let you see how students responded to your polls after you have presented them in class.
  1. Log into Poll Everywhere with your SIUE credentials.

  2. Locate the polls where you want to clear the responses.
    Why would I want to clear responses on polls? You might want to clear responses if, for example, you plan to re-use the question in another class and don't want the responses from the former class being displayed.

  3. Place a checkmark next to the polls or groups of polls.

  4. Then click the Clear button at the top of the screen. This will archive the responses so you can later run a report on them by date.


  5. Name the archive and click Archive.


  6. To view the results of the poll(s) you just cleared, click on the Reports tab at the top left of the screen.


  7. Click Create Report.


  8. Choose the Report type. Click Continue.
    Tip: Gradebook is the type to choose if you will be exporting results to Blackboard. Other reports, including Executive Summary, display data on screen in charts and graphs.


  9. Select the polls or group of polls you want to generate a report on. Click Create Report.


  10. Results from the last Under the Select Run section on the right side of the screen, choose Archived Runs. Select the run that is named after the archive you just created. Tip: the default name is the time and date when you cleared the polls.


9. Now you will see only responses from the last time you cleared the polls.

Tip: All runs will show any responses you have ever received on the poll - if you asked the same question to multiple classes, you will see responses from students in each class together. Current run will show responses you received from the last time you presented the polls. Shared run will show responses from the last time you cleared the polls - the named archives you created). 

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