Blackboard (Students) - Self-Proctoring Online Exam Using Zoom

This document provides an overview of using Zoom to self-proctor an exam.

Prior to the Exam

  1. Schedule the exam with the instructor in advance or look to your syllabus or course for the scheduled days(s)/time(s).

  2. Your exam will be located in Blackboard.
    1. The exam may be set up with a variety of options (e.g. time limits, no-backtracking, auto-submitper the instructor’s preferences. 
    2. You are expected to follow all guidance in taking the exam provided by the instructor.
    3. If applicable, a password may be provided to you before the exam is open. 

  3. Sign in to TechSmith Knowmia if you have never logged in before. It will be your SIUE credentials you use to log in to Blackboard.
You need to make sure that Zoom and TechSmith Knowmia are set up before the scheduled exam time and that you are comfortable with the steps outlined below.  

During the Exam

Taking the exam follow this sequence of activities: 

    1. Start a new Zoom session/meeting.
      1. Instructions for starting a Zoom session from a browser.
      2. Instructions for starting a Zoom session from the Zoom app.

    2. Make sure that your microphone is working and that both audio and video are recorded. If necessary, visit these instructions for troubleshooting audio.

      Microphone button with Mute and camera button with Stop Video in the Zoom toolbar.

      Additional guidance for quality video and testing environment: 
      1. Review the Knowledge Base article with Tips for Taking Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys.
      2. Choose a location where you will not be interrupted.
      3. Turn off all other devices (e.g. tablets, phones, second computers) and place them outside of your reach.
      4. Clear your area of all external materials not permitted - books, papers, other devices.
      5. Before starting the test, know how much time is available for it, and that you've allotted sufficient time to complete it.
      6. Remain at your computer for the duration of the test.
      7. Avoid wearing baseball caps or hats with brims.
      8. Ensure your computer or tablet is on a firm surface. NOT areas where it is likely to move such as a lap or bed.
      9. Take the exam in a well-lit room and avoid backlighting, such as sitting with your back to a window.

    3. Click the Record button.

      Zoom toolbar with buttons for Participants, Chat, Share Screen, Record (circled in red), Closed Caption, and Reactions from left to right.

    4. Click Record to the Cloud. 

      Record button in Zoom toolbar with dropdown for Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud, which is circled in red.

      Once started, the recording should not be stopped until the exam is completed and has been submitted.

    5. Move the camera around the room to scan the testing environment (360 degrees) – include the desk, scratch paper, and the areas behind the computer. 

    6. Click the Share Screen button to share your screen/desktop – not just your browser (time and date should be visible in the area recorded). Note: if you are using a laptop, the option will be to share "Screen".

      Green Share Screen button in Zoom toolbar
      Share Screen popup with options including Desktop, Whitboard, iPhone/iPad via Airplay, iPhone/iPad via Cable, or Google Chrome with a blue Share button in the lower right corner circled in red.
    7. Open Blackboard and begin your exam. Note: You may need to enter the password provided to access the exam.

    8. Submit the exam in Blackboard. 

    9. Click the More button then click Stop Recording .

      stop recording in zoom

      The video will automatically upload to TechSmith Knowmia (into a folder called Zoom Recordings) 

      Zoom Recording folder from TechSmith Knowmia with 0 Subfolders and 3 Media listed on the cover. Item is labeled "Zoom Recordings" with a small gear on the lower right corner and a menu (eight stacked dots in two rows) on the lower left corner.

After the Exam

      1. You will receive an email when the video has been uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia.

      2. Click the View Media button or navigate to your Zoom Recordings folder in your TechSmith Knowmia library.

        Email notification with text "Your media is ready for viewing and sharing. View Media (button). If the above button doesn't appear, you can just click this link: - Sent from TechSmith Knowmia"

      3. Click the cog in the lower right corner of the video's thumbnail. Then click Change Owner

        Change Owner in dropdown list from clicking on the gear in the lower right corner of the video thumbnail. The list for the dropdown includes Move, Change Woner, Delete, Copy, Reset Data, Download Data, and Share to Group." 

      4. Enter your professor's email address and click Apply. This will move the video from your library to your professor's library.

        Change Owner popup with text "Enter the email address of the new owner." with Apply button (blue) and Cancel button (grey) at the bottom right corner. 


Technical support is not available to resolve problems you may have during the exam. Issues with your local internet connectivity cannot be resolved by SIUE ITS or your instructor. 

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