Blackboard (Faculty) - Rubrics: Create Rubric

This document provides an overview of creating a rubric.

These rubrics are for Blackboard Assessments only. Turnitin uses its own rubrics. For Turnitin rubrics, see these instructions.

  1. From the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click Rubrics.

  2. On the Rubrics page, click Create Rubric on the menu.

  3. Type a name and optionally, provide a description of the rubric to make it easier to associate it to relevant assignments. New rubrics default to three rows and three columns.

    Create Rubric

  4. Rubric Details:
    1.  Rubric Type: Click on the drop down box to select the rubric type.

      Rubric scores can be displayed as: 
      No Points - feedback only
      Points - single point for each criteria
      Point range - range of points for each criteria
      Percents (default) - Flexible depending on each assignments possible points
      Percent Range - additional flexibility

      Select this option based upon how the grade will be displayed in the Grade Center. If the grade for this assessment is displayed as points, select Points or Point Range.

    2. Add Row or Add Column button:
      Click Add Row button add criterion to the bottom of the grid.
      Click Add Column button to add new levels of achievement tot he grid. 

    3. Change titles or row or columns:
      Click on the menu next to the column or row name and click Edit.
      Change the name to fit the criterion or achievement.
      Click the Save button.

    4. Add Points or Percentage:
      Click in the Point or Percentage box for each cell to add the value.

    5. Add description:
      Add a description defining the criteria and the associated level of achievement.

      Create and edit a rubric

  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

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