Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Test Availability Exception/Extended Time

This document provides an overview of how to extend the time on a test.
  1. From the test link within a course area or folder, hover your mouse over the title of the test, and click the gray drop-down arrow.

  2. Click on Edit the Test Options.

    Edit test options context menu

  3. Scroll down to the section "Test Availability Exceptions"

  4. Click on the Add User or Group button.

    Add users or groups

    A new window will open

  5. Select the student or students which will receive extra time by clicking the check box to the left of the student(s) name.

    Add users or groups

  6. Click Submit at the bottom of the window.

    select settings

  7. The "Attempts" column will mirror the settings above. Select the number of attempts the student will have to take the test if different than the settings for the other students.

  8. The "Timer" column will mirror the setting set above. To extend the time, type the total number of minutes that the student will receive.

  9. The "Availability" column will mirror the dates and times set above. If you wish to give the student(s) a different release date and time, set the new date and time by clicking on the Calendar icon.

  10. The "Options" column will mirror the Force Completion option set above. If you wish to add this or remove this option, check or uncheck the box.

  11. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

    NOTE: If this exception falls after the due date, make certain the box for "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed." is not checked.

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