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This document provides an overview of Test Information which includes the statistics of a test. This is also the area where an attempt can be cleared.

Test Information provides details about the test, such as score, time it took the student to finish the test, and date & time the student started and finished the test.

To access the test information:

  1. Hover your mouse over the cell in the Full Grade Center and click on the drop-down menu.

  2. Click Attempt (with date and grade).

  3. The Test Information will appear at the top of the test. If you only see the title "Test Information," click on the title to expand the window.Display of Test Information

In the above example,

  • Current Grade: Student score 10 out of 15 points
  • Status: The student has completed the test (if the student has saved the test but not submitted it, the Status will read: In Progress.)
  • Attempt Score: The score that the student received. If the score has been adjusted, this number will be the original score, and the score in "Current Grade" will be the adjusted score.
  • Time Elapsed: How much time a student took to take this test.
  • Started Date: The date and time the student clicked on the Begin button of the test. 
  • Submitted Date: The date and time the student clicked the Submit button for the test (or the time that the test was automatically submitted if it was a timed test with auto-submit settings.)
  • Clear Attempt: If a student needs to start the test over, due to the test "kicking them out," click the Clear Attempt button.  This will delete the attempt and the student will have to take the test from the beginning. No answers will be saved.
  • Edit Test: Click the Edit Test button to make changes to the test.

The Access Log shows every interaction the student had with the test:

Test Access Log

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