Blackboard (Faculty) - Accessibility/Ally: Interpret Accessibility Score

This document describes how to interpret the accessibility score and act upon feedback provided by Blackboard Ally.

  1. Click on the accessibility score indicator located near your course file.

    mouse hovering over ally icon

  2. Blackboard Ally's feedback panel will appear on the right side of the screen, where you will see the overall accessibility score and issues that need attention.

  3. Click the What this means button to see feedback on the accessibility score.

    ally feedback panel with "what this means" circled in red

  4. Click the How to ... button for guidance on how to fix the issues. 

    ally feedback panel with how to add headings circled

  5. If multiple issues are found by Blackboard Ally's scan, click the All issues button to see all improvement suggestions. 

  6. Then click the Fix button for guidance on correcting the issues.

    ally feedback panel with all issues and fix buttons circled in red

  7. Edit your file according to the instructions provided on screen.

  8. For Word documents and other text files, upload the newly edited version into the Blackboard Ally feedback panel. You will see a Browse button at the bottom of the panel. Browse for your file or drag and drop it here. 

    ally feedback panel with drop file to upload or browse area circled in red
  9. After uploading the corrected file, you should see the accessibility score go up. 

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