Blackboard (Faculty) - Respondus Monitor: Enabling Respondus Monitor for an Exam

This document provides an overview of how to enable Respondus Monitor for an exam.

Respondus Monitor is a test proctoring solution that must be used in conjunction with Respondus LockDown Browser. Students are recorded during the test session and the software flags unusual activity such as eyes moving away from the screen, background noise, etc. Additionally, Monitor checks for identity prior to beginning an exam.

First Steps

Before enabling Respondus Monitor on an exam, these actions must be taken to ensure communication about expectations to students.
  1. Add this language (note: this link will prompt the download of a document to your device) to your syllabus that Respondus Monitor will be required and that special equipment will be necessary.
  2. Add these instructions and Overview Video to your course.
  3. Require a practice exam. Create a simple quiz and enable Monitor to allow students to practice with the tool.

Enabling Respondus Monitor on an Exam/Test/Quiz

To enable Respondus Monitor, you must first enable Respondus LockDown Browser.
  1. Enable LockDown Browser. Follow steps 1-6 of the following article.


    Note: Respondus (test authoring software) and Respondus LockDown Browser are two very different software programs, both made by the company Respondus. 

    Faculty Tip: It is recommended to include a zero-point practice quiz using LockDown Browser before students take an actual exam in a course using LockDown Browser. Creating a practice quiz with unlimited attempts and leaving it open all semester will let students become familiar with the interface and run any necessary updates on their computers before taking an actual course assessment.
    1. From the Control Panel, click on Course Tools, then click on Respondus LockDown Browser.
    2. Select the test and click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the test name.
    3. Click on the Settings option.

      The Options Menu tab expanded with Settings option circled

    4. Click the radio button for "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam."
    5. Put an optional Password in the box. This is the password that your student will need to know to log into LockDown Browser prior to taking the test.
    6. Click on Advanced Settings. Set any of the additional settings if desired, such as allowing students to print, use a calculator, or visit specific websites.
    7. Click the Save and Close button at the bottom of the window.

      The LockDown Browser settings page, with the "Required Respondus LckDownBrower for this exam", password texbox, Advnace Settings, and Save + Close options circled

    8. LockDown Browser is now required.

      Screenshot of an enabled LockDown Browser quiz
    Warning: To preserve the settings used by LockDown Browser, do NOT modify these settings in Test Options: 1) Name 2) Open Test in a New Window, 3) Require a password, 4) Password. If these settings have been modified the test status will appear as an "Error."
  2. To enable Respondus Monitor, click the radio button for Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.

  3. A pop-up may appear. Click the button for Continue to Respondus Monitor.

  4. All items are checked as the default. Leave these settings.

  5. Click Save + Close.

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