Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Grade a Group Assignment

This document provides an overview of grading a group assignment.

When grading a Group Assignment, you will see only one student in the group has uploaded that assignment. When you grade it, all members of the group will receive the same grade. You have the option of overriding the grade of any individual student.

Accessing the Group Assignment

  1. From the Control Panel, click on Grade Center, then click on Needs Grading

  2. Click on the assignment title.

Grading the Group Assignment

  1. Grade the Group Assignment as you would any individual assignment. If students have uploaded a file, open that file to access the assignment.

  2. Add the assignment's score to the "Attempt" box.

  3. If you want to leave comments, click on the small arrow in the light blue box and leave comments in the "Feedback to Learner" text box.

    group assignment feedback

  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the box.

  5. All students in the group will receive the same grade.

    groud grade

Changing a Student's Grade in a Group Assignment

There may come a time when a student should receive a different grade than the other students in the group. To change one or more grades in a group:

  1. Locate the assignment in the Full Grade Center. Hover your mouse over the cell of one of the group members and click on the gray arrow that appears next to the score. It does not have to be the person to whom the grade is being changed.

    Click Group Attempt.

    group attempt grade
  2. In the "Group Members" box, you will see listed all of the group members and their scores.

  3. Click the pencil icon for the student whose grade will be changed.

    grade group assignment edit student grade

  4. Type in the new grade and click the green check mark to save the grade.

    grade group projects

  5. Click Exit or advance to the next group.

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