Blackboard (Faculty) - Turnitin Assignments: Create A PeerMark Assignment

This document provides an overview of how to create a PeerMark Assignment.

A PeerMark assignment allows students to review and evaluate another classmate's submission. Commenting can set to be anonymous. 

Create a Turnitin Assignment

If you haven't already, you first must create a Turnitin Assignment:

  • Create A Turnitin Assignment
      1. Navigate to the content area in your Blackboard course where you want the assignment to be located (ex: Coursework > Module 1).

      2. Click Assessments and select Turnitin Assignment from the drop-down menu (if you do not see these options, make sure Edit Mode is turned on).

        Turnitin Assignment

      3. Once the Turnitin page opens, select the "Assignment Type": "Paper Assignment", "Peer Mark Assignment", or "Revision Assignment". A Paper Assignment is for the original paper submission. A Revision Assignment and Peer Mark Assignment are for posting second drafts and peer editing, respectively; both require an existing initial Paper Assignment.

      4. Click the Next Step button.


      5. For a Paper Assignment, specify general information including assignment title, points possible, start date, due date, and post date (when students will see your comments/feedback if you are using GradeMark).

      6. Scroll down and click Optional settings if you would like to allow late submissions or re-submissions, exclude bibliographic information from Originality Reports, or adjust other assignment settings. Turnitin describes its optional settings further on this web page.

      7. Click the Submit button to finalize the Turnitin assignment.



  • The due date of the Turnitin Assignment must come before the start date and time of the PeerMark assignment.
  • Student submission of the Turnitin Assignment should not contain the name of the author on a cover page or within the text of the assignment to preserve anonymity.
  • Students failing to submit the Turnitin Assignment before the due date and time will not be able to submit a paper for Peer Review and therefore not participate in the Peer Mark Assignment.

Create a PeerMark Assignment

  1. From within a Content Area, click on Assessments. Then click on Turnitin Assignments.

    Click on Assessments, then click on Turnitin Assignments

  2. Click on PeerMark Assignment radio button, then click on Next Step button.

    Select the PeerMark tab

  3. Select the Turnitin Assignment to be peer reviewed from the drop-down box.
    Add a point value for the peer reviewer to the "point value" box.

    Set the dates and point value

  4. Set the Start Date and Time - when the students can start reviewing the paper(s).
    Set the Due Date and Time - when the students no longer have access to the paper(s).
    Set the Post Date and Time - when the students can access the reviews of their paper.

    Set the start date..Due date, and post date

  5. Click the Save & Continue button.

    Distribution of Papers

  6. Click on the Edit link to change the distribution of the papers:
    How many papers the student will receive.
    How many papers the student can select.
    Whether the student will be required to self-review their own paper.

    Distribution of papers

  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the page.

    Adding Questions to the Review

  9. Click on the Add Question button.
  10. Select Free Response (essay) or Scale question type. 
  11. Free Response question:
    Add a question.
    Include an optional minimum answer length of words.

    Add a free response question

    Click Add Question.

  12. Click on the Add Question  button to add another question.
    Scale question:
    Add a statement to be rated. For example: "How well does the introduction set up the Thesis of the paper?"
    Select the Scale size. #1 being the poorest rating and 5 being the highest rating.

    Add a scale question

    Click Add Question.

  13. Continue adding more questions. When all the questions have been added, click the Save & Finish button.

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