Blackboard (Faculty) - Turnitin Assignments: Create a Turnitin Assignment

This document describes how to create a Turnitin assignment.

IMPORTANT!  If any of your Turnitin Assignments have the old Turnitin logo (see below), please re-create your assignments using the instructions below. Turnitin is removing the old building block during the summer of 2023. After that time, the assignments will no longer work, nor will you have access to those papers. To download and archive those papers, follow these instructions:

Old Turnitin logo

Create a Turnitin Assignment

  1. Navigate to the content area in your Blackboard course where you want the assignment to be located (ex: Coursework > Module 1).

  2. Click Build Content and select Turnitin LTI 3.1 from the drop-down menu (if you do not see these options, make sure Edit Mode is turned on).

    Build Content add Turnitin LTI

  3. Once the Turnitin page opens, add a title and instructions for your assignment. NOTE: Instructions are limited to 1,000 characters. If you have more than that, create an Item content type above the Turnitin assignment with the instructions.

    title and instructions

  4. Enter the maximum grade a student can receive on this assignment.

    The Start Date is when the assignment will first be available to the students
    The Due Date is when the assignment is due. You will have the ability to allow student to submit after this date in the Optional Settings
    Feedback Release Date (formerly known as Post Date) is when students will see your comments/feedback.

    points, availability dates

  5. click Optional settings if you would like to allow late submissions or re-submissions, exclude bibliographic information from Originality Reports, or adjust other assignment settings.


    1. Submitting papers to the Standard paper repository will allow future papers to match to this paper. If you wish to use this submission for a draft assignment, you do not want the paper to submit to the standard paper repository because the final submission will match 100% to this draft. Click on the dropdown box and select "Do not store the submitted paper."

    2. Allow submission file of any type - See the Turnitin site for description of the file types accepted.

    3. Allow late submission - if late submissions are allowed, the word "Late" will appear in the Assignment In box. If late submission is not allowed, students will not be able to submit an assignment after the due date.

    4. Enable anonymous marking - allows the faculty to grade without seeing the students name. This may help avoiding bias in the grading.

    5. Enable grammar checking  using ETS e-rater technology - the ETS e-rater will flag common grammar mistakes in papers.

    6. Attach a rubric - you may create a rubric for this assignment. See Create a Rubric for more details.
  6.  Check all the boxes in the Compare against section. This will ensure that the papers are compared with most of the available documents for similarity.

    Compare against these documents

  7. Similarity Report

    Similarity Report

    1. Generate Similarity Reports - Consider "Generating reports immediately" option. They can use the Similarity Report to review their paper for correct citation and summarization.

    2. Allow student to view Similarity Reports will assist the students in learning how to correctly cite and summarize passages. This setting plus the setting above will allow the students to correct mistakes.

    3. Exclude bibliographic materials will reduce the similarity score as it will exclude bibliographic text that is commonly cited.

    4. Exclude quoted materials will also reduce the similarity score although unchecking this will allow the student to confirm that they have quoted and cited the quote properly.

    5. Exclude small sources will allow you to select word or percentage count so that common phrases will not appear. This will also help reduce the Similarity score.
  8. Additional Settings
    If these are settings that you use frequently, check the box "Save these settings for future use." You will not have to go though the optional settings in the future.


  9. Click the Submit button to finalize the Turnitin assignment.

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