Zoom: Webinar Settings for Participants

This document provides an overview of the participants tools in a Zoom Webinar.
When you first join a Zoom Webinar, you notice you have limited controls on the Tool Bar.

1. You are automatically muted by the Host. If you have a question to ask the host verbally, click the Raise Hand button.

raise hand

2. Chat Room


Chat works similar to chat room in a traditional Zoom Room. It should be used for comments to the hosts/panelists (e.g.m sharing an experience with the group, responding to a question the Panelist asked, etc.)


First, designate who will receive your chat. Your options are "All Panelists" or "All panelists and attendees."


Then, type your chat in the text box. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to send the chat.

3. Question & Answer Room

question and answers

Question & Answer room is similar to the chat but should be used solely for questions to the Panelists. Other hosts will monitor the Q & A room and answer your questions fairly quickly or notify the Panelist speaking to address an issue to the group.


Type your chat in the text box. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to send the chat.

4. Audio Settings
** Note - you may not hear anything prior to the beginning of the webinar. All mics are muted prior to the start. **

audio settings

If you are not hearing the speaker clearly, you may need to check your speaker settings.
Click on the Audio Settings button.
Make sure the speakers or Headphones/headsets that you are using are checked.

audio settings

5. Leave Meeting

leave meeting

If you have to leave the webinar before it ends, click on the Leave Meeting button. You will be signed out of Zoom. The webinar recording may be sent out for you to view the remaining parts you missed.

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