Zoom: Record a Meeting/Lecture/Presentation (Faculty & Students)

This document describes how to record in Zoom.

    Zoom updates it's software on a regular basis with important security items as well as updates to features. To make sure you have the most current version, check for updates.
    1. Once you have started a Zoom meeting, locate the menu at the bottom the Zoom window. 


    2. If you want to show your video, make sure your camera is enabled. Click the Start Video button to enable your camera. 

    3. If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation or actions on your computer, click the Share Screen button.

    4. This will bring up a new window prompting you to select a window or application to share. Choose what you want to share (i.e. desktop screen) and click the Share button at the bottom-right corner of the window. 

    5. Note the menu moves to the top of the Zoom window when you share your screen.

    6. To begin recording, click the More button at the top of the Zoom window. 

    7. Choose Record to the Cloud from the drop-down menu. 

    8. A red dot will appear near the top of the screen indicating the recording has started.

    9. To stop the recording, click the More button at the top of the Zoom window.

    10. Choose Stop Recording from the drop-down menu.

      (NOTE: If you have not shared your screen, the Record/Stop Recording options will be at the bottom of the Zoom window.)

    11. To make more videos, simply Record and Stop Recording again. Each time you Stop Recording, Zoom produces another video file. To take a break in the recording without creating a new video file, use the Pause Recording option instead. 

    12. When you are finished recording, click the More button and then choose End from the drop-down menu to end the meeting. (NOTE: If you have not shared your screen, the End button will be at the bottom of the Zoom window.)

    13. Click End Meeting for All.

    14. Zoom will process your recording and automatically upload it to your YuJa account. When your recording is ready, a message will appear in your inbox with the subject line “Your Zoom Meeting is now available in your My Media”. Log in to YuJa to locate your video. It will be  automatically uploaded to your Zoom Recordings folder.

      NOTE: Please allow up to 24 hours for your recording to process and arrive in your inbox.

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