Blackboard (Faculty) - Respondus: Publish to Blackboard

This document provides an overview of how to publish your test to Blackboard

Respondus can be set to upload the test directly to your Blackboard course(s) as well as link the test within a content area.


  1. Open or import a test into Respondus.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.

    settings tab

  3. Click on the Availability tab.

    Availability Tab

  4. Set the settings as you wish them to appear in Blackboard. Any of these settings can be changed or overridden once the test is in Blackboard.
  5. Click on the Other Settings tab.

    Other Settings tab

  6. Set the settings as you wish them to appear in Blackboard. Any of these settings can be changed or overridden once the test is in Blackboard.

Preview & Publish

  1. Click the Preview & Publish tab.

    Preveiw and publish tab

  2. Click the Publish to Blackboard tab.
  3. Click the Publish Wizard button.

    Publish to blackboard

  4. If you are publishing the test to only one course, accept the default "Publish to single course." If you are publishing the same test to multiple courses, click the radio button for Batch Publish to multiple courses.

    publish to single course

  5. Click on the  - add new server - drop-down box.

    add new server

  6. A new box will pop up. Accept the default "Yes, check for preconfigured server settings." Click the Next button. 
  7. Enter a name for the server. This server will be for all of your classes so you do not have to name it by the class. "SIUE" or "Blackboard" is a good name. 
  8. Type in your e-ID for the User name and your e-ID password for the Password. Check the "Save my User Name and Password on this computer" ONLY if this is a private computer and not one shared by multiple people. Saving your User Name and Password will automatically identify your courses the next time you use Respondus.

    Add new server

  9. Accept the "Run connection test" option.
  10. When the test is complete, Click the Next button.
  11. Click the Finish button.

  12. You will return to the original "Publish Wizard" box and your new SIUE server will be in the Blackboard Server box. You will not have to create this server settings again. When you return to Respondus, you will use this server setting again. If you saved your Username and Password, you may have to change the password after you change your e-ID password. To do that, click on the Edit Setting button and add the new password in the Password box.
  13. Click the Next button.

  14. Choose your Blackboard course to be published to.
  15. If this is a new exam, accept the radio button for "Create new Exam." Give the exam a name. This is the name that will appear as the exam in Blackboard.
    If you are replacing an exam, click on the radio button for "Replace existing Exam." From the drop-down list, select the exam you are replacing.
  16. If you have set exam settings in the previous section, accept the default check box for "Apply Setting to Exam." Again, any settings that are set using Respondus can be changed or overridden in Blackboard.
  17. If you wish for the exam to be linked in a content area, accept the default check box for "Link Exam to Content Area and make available."  (Note the availability will be dependent upon the setting from the previous set.)
  18. Click the Next button.

    publish to course

  19. Select the Content Area or folder that you wish the exam to be linked in. This step will not appear if you unchecked the "Link Exam to Content Area and make available" box. 
  20. Click Next to continue.
  21. Wait until "Completed successfully " appears in the status box. This may take a few minutes depending upon the length of your test.
  22. Click Finish.
  23. Return to Blackboard and check your settings.

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