Zoom: Setting Up Your Personal Meeting Room Like a Webinar

This document provides an overview of how to set up your Zoom Meetings like a Webinar

SIUE licenses two Zoom Webinar meeting rooms. One license for a 100-person maximum and one for 500-person maximum. However, with the multitude of settings in Zoom, you can mimic the Webinar settings within your Personal Meeting room. Some of these settings must be set before the Zoom meeting begins and some can be set once the meeting has started.

How to access the Settings

From the Desktop App, click on Schedule.


From the Zoom webpage, login to Zoom at https://siue.zoom.us/signin/.

From the Personal menu, click on Settings.

Zoom settings


Host Only Video

Desktop app

In the Video section, select On for Host video and Off for Participants video.

host video on, participants video off

Zoom Webpage

Toggle Host video On and Participants video Off.

Video on for host, video off for participants.

In the Meeting Room

The Participants can turn on their video once they enter the room. To prevent that, open the Participants Panel.

From each user, click on More to open the menu. Click on Stop Video in the menu. Participants will not be able to turn on their video.

turn off video in the meeting room\

This will have to be done with each participant so it may become time consuming with a large group. Consider asking a co-host to assist in this.


Mute Participants Upon Entry

To prevent unwanted conversations, mute the participants upon entry.

Desktop app

Click on Advanced Options. Check the box "Mute Participants upon Entry."

mute participants

Zoom Webpage

Toggle On, Mute participants upon entry.

mute participatns

In the Meeting Room

The participants will be able to unmute themselves. However to prevent that, open the Participants Panel.

Click on Mute All.

Uncheck the box "Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves."

uncheck allow participants to unmute themselves


Click on the ellipses and uncheck "Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves"




Stop Screen Sharing

To prevent participants from sharing their computer screens,

Desktop app

This setting can only be set through the webpage or in the meeting room.

Zoom Webpage

Toggle Screen Sharing On.

Select Host Only
Host only

In the Meeting Room

Click on the up arrow next to Screen Sharing. Select Advanced Sharing Options from the menu.

advanced settings

From "Who can share?" select Only Host.

Host only


Chat vs. Q & A

Only webinars have both chat function and a Q & A function. The Q & A is a chat but with only the hosts. The participants cannot see others questions and answers. In a Zoom Meeting Room, only chat is available but you can set the chat to be viewed only by the hosts.

Desktop app & Webpage

This option is not available in the Desktop app or Webpage settings.

In the Meeting Room

Open the Chat panel. Click on the ellipse in the bottom of the panel.

Click on Host only in the menu.

set host only chagt

Consider using the Everyone Publicly option. Once a question is answered, the entire group can see the answer. This would benefit participants that have the same questions.

If you have a large group of participants, consider having one or more helpers to just answer questions on the chat. This will free up the presenter to concentrate on the presentation. 

Remember: Reset your settings after the meeting is concluded to return to standard meeting settings.

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