Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Run an Item Analysis on a Test

This document provides an overview of running an item analysis on a test.

An Item Analysis provides statistical information on the overall test performance and individual test questions. The Item Analysis will help you determine weak or poor questions to improve your future tests.

The Item Analysis feature can be accessed from any of the following:

  • Test deployed in a content area
  • Deployed tests listed on the Tests page
  • Grade Center column
  1. From one of the above area, click the drop down menu and select Item Analysis.
  2. Click the Run button for the test to be analyzed.
  3. When the Analysis is available, a link will appear below "Available Analysis." Click on that link.

In general, good questions have:

  • Medium (30% to 80%) difficulty.
  • Good or Fair (greater than 0.1) discrimination values.

Questions that are recommended for review are indicated with red circles. They may be of low quality or scored incorrectly. In general, questions recommended for review have:

  • Easy ( > 80%) or Hard ( < 30%) difficulty.
  • Poor ( < 0.1) discrimination values.

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