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1Zoom: Sign In to the Zoom Desktop App (Faculty & Students)702242022-01-0728279
2Blackboard (Faculty) - Schedule a Zoom Meeting using the Zoom Session Tool818382024-03-125908
3Blackboard (Faculty) - View and Start a Zoom Meeting using the Zoom Session Tool819572021-11-163001
4Zoom: Join Audio by Telephone (Faculty & Students)700382021-11-305096
5Zoom: Start a Meeting from the Zoom App (Faculty & Students)616442024-02-2757172
6Zoom: Breakout Rooms (Faculty/Hosts)726792021-11-1636155
7Zoom: Invite Others to Join a Meeting (Faculty & Students)701152021-11-1620779
8Blackboard (Faculty) - Using the Zoom Meeting LTI818402024-03-128909
9Zoom: Start a Meeting from an Internet Browser (Faculty & Students)1031102024-02-2721122
10Zoom: Schedule a Recurring Meeting (Faculty)701132021-11-1612216
11Zoom: Schedule a Meeting and Send an Invitation (Faculty & Students)1031122021-11-1612881
12Zoom (Faculty) - Prevent Unwanted Guests in Zoom (Zoom Bombing)1006732022-12-204639
13Blackboard (Faculty) - Course Menu: Add the Zoom Session Tool to the Course Menu817932024-02-015296
14Blackboard (Faculty) - Content Area: Add the Zoom Session Tool to a Content Area817892024-02-015906
15Zoom: Test Audio (Faculty & Students)693712021-11-1614265
16Zoom: Troubleshoot Audio (Faculty & Students)868152021-11-16172991
17Zoom (Faculty) - Category: Update Zoom1060992021-12-015445
18Zoom (Faculty) - Using Waiting Rooms in Zoom1034292021-11-163597
19Blackboard (Faculty) - Known Issue: Instructors Get Stuck in Student Preview with Zoom Session Tool818412021-11-162742
20Zoom: Polling (Faculty)726762021-11-169676
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