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21YuJa (All Users) - Recover a Video That Failed to Upload1183442024-04-052051
22YuJa (All Users) - About1170012024-04-012474
23YuJa (All Users) - Download Captions and Transcripts1181552023-12-181874
24YuJa (All Users) - Search for Keywords in Captions1181522023-12-18948
25YuJa (All Users) - YuJa Technical Support1174762024-04-081028
26YuJa (All Users) - Record Video with YuJa Browser Capture Tool (PC and Mac)1178232024-04-086447
27YuJa (All Users) - Installing the YuJa Software Capture Tool (Mac)1175162024-04-051214
28YuJa (All Users) - Recording Using the YuJa Software Capture Tool (PC)1174692024-04-019268
29YuJa (All Users) - Installing the YuJa Software Capture Tool (PC)1174682024-04-011070
30YuJa (All Users) - Log Into YuJa1174752023-12-188775
31YuJa (All Users) - YuJa Workflow1177212023-06-162229
32YuJa (All Users) - Rename a Video1218172024-05-01813
33YuJa (All Users) - Using Shared Folders1190372024-05-011439
34YuJa (All Users) - Bulk Delete Media Files1183332024-05-01974
35YuJa (All Users) - Find and Share a Video Link1178642024-05-017417
36YuJa (Faculty) - Grade A Video Quiz1179642024-04-12867
37YuJa (All Users) - Accessing Videos Shared with Me1180102024-04-111011
38YuJa (All Users) - Image Tools: Watermarks, Blur, and Virtual Background1187042024-04-101181
39YuJa (All Users) - Insert or Override a Section of Video1186942024-04-09966
40YuJa (Faculty) - Reviewing the Activity Log for Quizzes1184972024-04-09841
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