Top Documents of the Week

  1. Zoom: Troubleshoot Audio (Faculty & Students)
  2. Zoom: Record a Meeting/Lecture/Presentation (Faculty & Students)
  3. Blackboard (Students) - Assignments: View Grades for Assignments
  4. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: View Assignment Feedback
  5. Apple Mail - Add a Shared Mailbox
  6. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: View Completed Rubric Scores
  7. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: Viewing Instructor Feedback, Grades, and Rubric Scores
  8. I cannot play sound embedded in a PowerPoint presentation/show
  9. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Share a Video link (All Users)
  10. Zoom: Start a Meeting from the Zoom App (Faculty & Students)
  11. Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Connecting a Nintendo Switch to the WiFi Network
  13. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Download the Grade Center
  14. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Upload Video to Your Library (All Users)
  15. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Edit a Video (All Users)
  16. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Record Video Using Knowmia (All Users)
  17. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Using Fuse to Upload Media to Relay (All Users)
  18. Blackboard (Students) - Hyperlink Text in the Text Editor
  19. Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Microsoft Authenticator App
  20. OneDrive: Stop Sharing a File or Folder
  21. Zoom: Breakout Rooms (Faculty/Hosts)
  22. Office 365 - Stream (Students): Upload a Video to a Professor's Course Channel
  23. Blackboard (Faculty) - How to Determine the "Instructor of Record" in CougarNet / Banner
  24. Microsoft Teams - Sign in of Teams Yealink Phone
  25. QuickTime: How to Edit Video Files
  26. Record a Presentation and Upload it to Your Professor's Stream Video Channel (Students)
  27. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Add & Edit Captioning (All Users)
  28. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Create a Group
  29. Amazon Fire Stick: Locating the Wireless MAC Address
  30. Zoom: Sharing Your Screen (Faculty & Students)
  31. FindTime: How to Access FindTime in Outlook for Mac
  32. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Record a Video and Submit it for an Assignment (Students)
  33. Zoom: Record a Meeting/Lecture and Upload to TechSmith Knowmia Using the Cloud (Faculty)
  34. Blackboard (All Users) - How do I remove formatting in Blackboard's text editor?
  35. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Relay Video in Blackboard (Faculty)
  36. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Knowmia Folder in Blackboard (Faculty)
  37. Blackboard (Faculty) - Assignments: Create a Blackboard Assignment
  38. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Delete Multiple columns
  39. Blackboard (Faculty) - Users: Add or Remove Users to a Blackboard Course Shell
  40. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Embedding Video into Blackboard (Faculty)
  41. Blackboard (Faculty) - End-of-Semester Activities
  42. Office 365 - Upload a File to OneDrive (Faculty & Students)
  43. Zoom: Start a Meeting from an Internet Browser (Faculty & Students)
  44. Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Deploy Test in Content Area
  45. Zoom: Sign In to the Zoom Desktop App (Faculty & Students)
  46. Blackboard (Students) - Download and Open LockDown Browser
  47. Office 365 - Stream: Visit a Channel and Post a Video Comment (Faculty & Students)
  48. Blackboard (Faculty) - Content Area: Add a Web Link
  49. Office 365 Outlook Web App - Delegate Your Calendar
  50. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Create a Folder (All Users)
  51. Production Services - Student Poster Printing - Capstone Presentation - Senior Assignment - Grad Symposium - URCA presentations
  52. Blackboard (Faculty) - Course Availability: Make Course Available
  53. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Create Group Assignments
  54. Zoom: Invite Others to Join a Meeting (Faculty & Students)
  55. Zoom: Test Audio (Faculty & Students)
  56. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Add Quiz Questions (All Users)
  57. Blackboard (Faculty) - "TA/Graduate Assistant" Listed as Instructor
  58. Blackboard (All Users) - How to Log Into Blackboard
  59. Starfish - How to Sync your Outlook Calendar with your Starfish Calendar (Faculty & Staff)
  60. Office 365 Outlook Web App - Link Previews in Office 365
  61. Blackboard (Faculty) - "TBA" Listed as Instructor
  62. Blackboard (Faculty) - Require LockDown Browser for an Exam
  63. Blackboard (Students) - Assignments: Submit a Saved Draft
  64. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): About & How to Log In (All Users)
  65. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Knowmia Video using a Web Link in Blackboard (Faculty)
  66. Blackboard (Faculty) - Merge Course Shells: Request to Merge Course Shells
  67. Fix Windows Office 365 Account Settings
  68. Microsoft Teams - Welcome to Teams Calling
  69. FindTime: How to Install
  70. Blackboard (Faculty) - Export/Import: Import Course Materials
  71. Blackboard (Faculty) - Blackboard's Default Navigation and How to Customize It
  72. Zoom: Introducing Zoom Tools to Participants
  73. Office 365 - Stream: Create Video Channel (Faculty & Students)
  74. Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies - Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  75. Zoom: Cloud Recordings (Faculty)
  76. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Edit Group Settings
  77. Zoom: Record a Presentation and Post it to Blackboard (Students)
  78. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Weighted Grades
  79. Starfish - How to Set Office Hours (Faculty & Staff)
  80. Office 365 Mail - Directions for installing and uninstalling email on iPhone

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